Do these Look Like Journalists?

Franchise Times cover

Reporters are supposed to tell stories with fairness and balance, so that readers can make their own decisions about the topics they cover. However, reporters at the Franchise Times cross boundaries in the pursuit of their “juicy story,” fabricating information, invading privacy, and using deception to obtain information.

Just look at the latest print issue and their full-page ad!

Do these really look like true journalists?

A legitimate publication would never take up a full-page in their print issue to promote being “on the hunt for a juicy story”.

Perhaps they have lost so many advertisers that they needed to fill up the page?

These look more like tabloid reporters than true journalists.

Thank you to advertisers who have reached out to let us know they will no longer advertise with the Franchise Times.

We must hold the Franchise Times accountable and demand they stop crossing ethical boundaries in the pursuit of a “juicy story!”

Until the Franchise Times adheres to these standards and discontinues their disingenuous behavior, Franchisors and Vendors must cease advertising in the Franchise Times.