Franchise Times responds to, accidentally illustrates our point. is amused by Friday’s statement in Franchise Times, which validates every claim we have made about this wayward publication which purports to serve the franchise industry. Read their complaint about us here.

Their senior leadership all signed their article, which makes claims about who created this website based entirely on conjecture, with no evidence. How is that journalism? Like much of their reporting, it is one-sided opinion which harms the franchise industry. We wonder if they realize that they have not only validated every claim made by this website but also attached every one of their senior writers and executives to their damaging behavior.

Possibly their motive originates in the comments we have received from members of the franchise industry who have become increasingly alarmed about the low quality of story development and writing at Franchise Times. We imagine the publication has received such comments as well.

In any case, we appreciate Franchise Times alerting their entire readership to the presence of this website. Welcome! In the weeks ahead, we will be analyzing many articles from Franchise Times and the lack of integrity and balance in their publication.